Pilates for Swimmers

Pilates for swimmers is essential for ensuring a strong central base for power production and propulsion through the water. Pilates is an exercise regime focusing on developing a strong central base through a range of controlled and challenging movements.

Unwater view of a man swimming in an Olympic pool.

How it works

A swimmer's training often consists of swimming lengths of different strokes to increase strength and endurance of the powerful global muscles – but what about the stability muscles?

Pilates works by exercising the body’s inner core support system (the stability muscles) to enhance core control and fluidity of movement. Through Pilates exercise, the deep core muscles are challenged and strengthened in various positions to build a strong central base, allowing for greater power production during swimming.

Increased strength of the prime stabilising muscles also improves postural alignment. During swimming this means less strain is put on the neck and an improved streamline position with every stroke. Pilates also heightens mind body awareness leading to a faster,steadier pace.

Pilates can be a useful adjunct to combined with swimming training as it leads to an overall stronger performance, ensuring you are achieving your greatest potential.

Benefits of Pilates for Swimmers

There are many benefits which swimmers can gain from Pilates

Benefits of Physiolates include:

  • Gaining your maximum potential in swimming
  • Stronger stability muscles
  • Increased momentum and propulsion through the water
  • Increased power production from the core
  • Greater control of movement
  • Increased pace and speed
  • Awakened connection between mind and body
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Faster recovery post injury

See how Physiolates could be of benefit to you and your Sports Club

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