Pilates for Posture

Pilates is an excellent treatment method for improving posture because it’s fun, varied and focuses on strengthening the primary stability muscles of the body responsible for maintaining posture.

Whether you have pain due to poor posture or have a general desire to improving your posture, Pilates can help. Pilates can also improve performance in sports where posture and stability is important for technique and optimum power production.

How it works

Pilates for posture works by targeting and strengthening the body’s postural muscles through a range of different exercises. Pilates exercises focus on deep muscle activation in the core, shoulders and neck to re-train the postural muscles into correct alignment.

Pilates exercises are progressed through use of upper and lower limb movement, body weight and small pieces of equipment to ensure a challenging and varied work out. Improved posture reduces stress and strain on important joints and muscles in the body, preventing many posture related problems from developing.

Benefits of Pilates for posture

Physiolates can bring you many health benefits such as:

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