Pilates for Shoulder Pain

Pilates is an effective tool in both the prevention and treatment of shoulder pain. Pilates exercises target stability muscles, increasing the support system of the shoulder and the body as a whole.

How it works

Pilates for shoulder pain works by activating and strengthening the primary stability muscles of the shoulder joint – the rotator cuff. Pilates exercises incorporate correct shoulder placement into each exercise. This includes shoulder blade placement in static, loaded and dynamic positions to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, decreasing the stress on the shoulder joint, reducing the chance of injury.

Increased rotator cuff strength reduces the load on the shoulder joint and other important structures such as supporting ligaments and tendons, leading to a reduction in pain. Pilates also retrains postural muscles, improving whole body alignment and reducing risk of new and recurrent episodes of shoulder pain.

Conditions Treated

Pilates can be a part of rehabilitation for many shoulder problems including:

Benefits of Pilates for Shoulder Pain

There are many benefits of Pilates for shoulder pain. Here are just a few:

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