Pilates for Socialising

Pilates has a wide range of health benefits and it is also great for meeting new people!

How it Works

When you attend your first Pilates class you will be greeted by your class instructor who will ask you to complete a health screening questionnaire and record your goals. You will meet the friendly faces in your class on an informal basis as you are taken to the gym.

Our Pilates classes are filled with like-minded people with similar goals and reasons for attending as yourself, so they often chat and share stories on entering and leaving the class. They may be recovering from an injury or surgery, they may be an elite athlete looking to increase their performance in sport, or they may be attending to increase their general health and meet new people just like you!

Physiolates instructor demonstrating pilates exercises for a group session

All of our classes promise a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere with quiet time during the class to focus and concentrate on exercise technique.

Benefits of Pilates for Socialising

There are many ways in which socialising with others at Pilates can benefit your life.

Pilates of socialising at Pilates classes are:

  • Meeting new, like-minded people
  • Meet people with similar problems to yourself
  • Relate to others and share stories
  • A friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • An enjoyable experience with every class
  • An open environment to ask questions
  • Comparing progress with others in an informal way
  • An added bonus to all other health benefits
  • Incresaed confidence and increased well-being

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