Pilates for Horse Riders

Pilates is important for horse riders to increase trunk and pelvis stability which is essential for maintaining correct posture while riding. Greater body control and trunk strength while riding and jumping enhances performance, endurance and reduces risk of injury.

Women riding a horse in an open feild.

How it works

Pilates is an excellent way of fine tuning performance and gaining a greater, more effective riding relationship with your horse. Pilates works by strengthening the primary stabilising muscles of the body such as the deep core, pelvic and shoulder muscles. Exercises are progressed through from beginner/intermediate (Growlates) level, through to our advanced (Prolates) level as your strength increases.

Increasing core strength improves your posture, body position and overall control of your horse. Pilates exercises correct muscle imbalance by strengthening targeting specific muscles in different regions, improving your overall load and weight distribution on your horse.

Pilates also incorporates various stretching motions which help to relieve tightness and aid shock absorbency while riding. This ensures that body movements delivered to the horse are understood and gain the correct response.

Benefits of Pilates for Horse Riders

Benefits of Pilates for horse riders include:

  • Increased overall body strength and control
  • Improved posture
  • Equalised weight distribution
  • Greater power production and endurance
  • Reduced stress on joints such as the spine and pelvis
  • Improving communication of instruction between you and your horse
  • Enhanced performance
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Quicker recovery post injury

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