Pilates for Skiers

Pilates for skiers is highly effective in increasing core strength and control in addition to reducing risk of injury. Pilates is also a rehabilitation technique used to speed up recovery post skiing injury.

Skier deep within mountain snow.

How it works

Pilates exercise focus on increasing strength of the deep muscles surrounding the trunk, pelvis and hips to increase the body’s stability while skiing. Exercises consist of controlled and challenging movements involving use of body weight, upper and lower limb movements and small pieces of equipment. Pilates also involves stretching various muscles of the body to increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension post skiing.

Pilates encourages correct posture and fluency of movement along with greater power production to enhance your overall skiing performance. When you are taught how to activate your deep core in Pilates and become stronger, you can practice engaging the core as you ski to gain the most out of your training.

Benefits of Pilates for Skiers

Benefits of Physiolates for Skiers include:

  • An alternative training method to the slopes
  • Increased trunk, pelvis and lower limb stability while skiing
  • Greater control over your skis to keep them in parallel position
  • Increased balance
  • Increased power production for speed, rotations and jumps
  • Release of muscular tension through stretching
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater mind body connection
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Increased speed of recovery post injury

See how Physiolates can help you and your Sports Club

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