Pregnancy Classes

Our pregnancy Pilates classes are ran by our experienced physiotherapists who are specially trained in adapting exercises to suit the changes on your body. Pre-natal Pilates is perfect for preparing your body for birth and post-natal Pilates ensures you recover from birth as quickly as possible.

How it works

Pilates for pregnancy works by strengthening the deep core and pelvic floor muscles to give your pelvis and spine the support it needs as your baby grows. Pilates exercises also help to optimise posture during pregnancy and reduce muscle tensions through a range of different stretches.

Your specially trained physiotherapist and Pilates instructor will teach you the correct positions and exercises from beginners to intermediate/advanced level. You will receive one to one facilitation during the class to ensure you exercise safely.

Pre-natal Pilates can begin following the 12th week of pregnancy. Post-natal Pilates can begin after 6 weeks following normal delivery and 8 weeks following a C-section.

Benefits of Pilates for Pregnancy

There are a huge range of benefits of Pilates for pregnancy; here are just a few:

  • Increased pelvic floor and core strength
  • Reduced risk of complications during birth
  • Reduced risk of pain during pregnancy
  • Reduced risk of incontinence
  • Increased pelvic and spinal stability as your baby grows
  • Improved posture during pregnancy
  • Quicker recovery following birth
  • Aids return of muscle tone and body shape
  • Increased body awareness
  • Greater overall well-being

We ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing when attending the classes. All equipment required such as magic circles, resistance bands and soft balls are provided.

See how Physiolates can help you and your Pregnancy with Pilates

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