Pilates for Neurological Conditions

Pilates is an excellent form of low impact exercise for people with neurological conditions. Neurological conditions are those affecting the brain and spinal cord such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis often leading to weakness, reduced or increased muscle tone and reduced balance.

How it works

Pilates involves a series of matwork exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, posture and body awareness for neurological patients. Pilates is paramount for neurological rehabilitation. Exercises mainly target the deep core muscles to develop a strong central base for movement needed in everyday tasks such as walking, standing and reaching. Pilates also involves strengthening the upper body, particularly around the shoulder girdle and neck, to improve upper extremity function and posture.

Our Pilates instructors are specially trained in neurological physiotherapy to ensure your condition is understood and exercises can be modified to suit you. Your physiotherapist will discuss your goals with you and put an individualised Pilates programme in place for you.

Benefits of Pilates for Neurological Conditions

The benefits of Pilates for neurological conditions are:

We have supported many charities that help with neurological conditions, here are some of them:

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