Pilates for Neck Pain

Neck pain can affect anyone and is a common problem for many people. Our physiotherapists often see and treat office workers who have developed neck pain due to poor postural position when sitting at desks. Pilates exercises focus on strengthening of the stability muscles in the neck, in addition to those of the central core, to reduce neck pain and improve overall postural alignment.

How it works

Physiolates for neck pain works by targeting and strengthening the stability muscles of the neck through a series of exercises. Exercises are taught by our highly experienced physiotherapists and are specifically designed to activate the deep neck flexors to offload the neck joints. Increasing the strength of these muscles gives the neck more support and reduced pain.

Pilates also incorporates correct postural alignment and core stability exercises work the body as a whole and retrain correct postural position. Improving posture treats the cause of neck pain for many people and significantly lowers the risk of neck pain reoccurring.

Conditions it treats

Pilates is used for the treatment of many types of neck pain. Pilates is often combined with other physiotherapy techniques to ensure you have the quickest recovery possible post-injury.

Conditions treated include:

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Benefits of Pilates for Neck Pain

Benefits of Pilates for neck pain include:

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