Pilates for Knee Pain

At Physiolates we can help reduce, eliminate and even prevent knee pain through exercise based rehabilitation. Knee pain can be very debilitating and difficult to eliminate if not treated appropriately. Often times knee pain originates from sources other than the knee, for example weak gluts or tight musculature surrounding the knee. In Physiolates, our Pilates trained physiotherapists and sports therapists focus on strengthening those weaknesses and ironing out any tension which could be causing your pain.

How it works

Pilates is a series of exercises which strengthens the muscles that surround your knee and hip such as your gluteals and your core, to aid with its stability and appropriate movement of the knee cap. Pilates exercises can also aid with the flexibility surrounding any tight musculature surrounding the knee, so that your muscles can work at their optimal level. We provide private sessions as well as Pilates classes where our therapists provide you with individual attention to focus on technique.

Conditions it treats

Benefits of Pilates for Knee Pain include:

If you have knee pain but are unsure whether Pilates would benefit you, you can e-mail us at office@physiolates.org.uk or call 0330 088 5778 to speak to one of our physiotherapists. To book click the ''Book now'' tab above.

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