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See what our customers have to say about Physiolates.

Check out what our customers have to say!

Natalie Mera-Pirttijarvi

Really great, small classes and the instruction is tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses, with a range of modifications for each exercise. I started coming with the aim to reduce the pain I experience from Rheumatoid Arthritis combined with hypermobility, and to try and ...

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Benjamin Ernest North

Pilates is such a great exercise with so many benefits! Kate is a fantastic teacher; her classes flow exceptionally well and her passion and knowledge shows. ...

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John Krol

Ace class! Really well structured, small numbers and an appreciation of how to tailor for each individual. Would highly recommend to people with little or lots of Pilates experience! ...

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Tatiana Chmeliova


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Janet Spurway

I've been coming to Pilates classes here for nearly two years now and have found them to be a real life changer. I suffer with chronic back pain and I find the classes really help strengthen my core and relieve a lot of my pain. ...

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Bells Davey

I came to Physiolates after a l4/5 discectomy in my lower back at the recommendation of my Physio. I've always been active, play sport and do strength work in the gym but Physiolates has really helped me to improve my core and glute strength incredibly ...

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Fiona Broadbent

Finally I've found an exercise class I enjoy and doesn't aggravate my joint hypermobility! I'd thoroughly recommend these classes for anyone trying to regain strength post injury or has ongoing joint/back problems. 😊 ...

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Sarah Brearley

I love my pilates classes here with Kate. The classes are small and feel very personal; everyone works at the right level for them. That doesn't mean Kate doesn't challenge you, it's no easy ride, and I have definitely seem improvements not just with my ...

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Milda Taraseviciute

My massage therapist recommended me to try Physiolates as I have a very bad posture which causes chronic back and neck pains. I spend most of my days working on my computer or being in meetings so my neck, shoulders and lower back is always ...

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Lisa Phoon

Kate's instructions were clear and easy to understand. Unlike other instructors teaching a big class of 40 people, Kate tends to every person in the room which is one of the things I like because it is more personal. There were a few times where ...

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Devon Hughes

I attend physiolates one a week due to ongoing neck back and shoulder muscular and joint pain. Since starting the classes I am more aware of my posture when sitting and standing which has helped immensely. I would recommend to anyone who has any general ...

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Mike Hornby

Physiolates helped me to recover from a long-term shoulder injury that I sustained in the gym. I started doing private 1 hour sessions with Kate and then moved onto weekly group classes. I have really noticed an improvement in my posture and the strength in ...

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Claire Street

This is possibly the best place to do Pilates in Manchester. Instruction is led by qualified physiotherapists so there's plenty of focus on technique, which I've found lacking in classes elsewhere. Kate Hindley's classes are particularly good - she caters for beginners, intermediate ...

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Francesca Davies

The Pilates classes are fantastic! The instructors deliver fun sessions that they tailor to each persons ability in the class. I would definitely recommend them! ...

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Chrissie Brooks

I can really recommend having Pilates here. Excellent,highly skilled instructors who make the sessions go really quickly . The benefits of the Pilates instructors all being physiotherapists is huge . A big thanks to Kate and her team . Chrissie B. ...

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