Sportslates is our exciting newest addition to our classes - Pilates with a sports twist!

Sportslates is designed to appeal to sports people who want to maximise their performance, whatever their sport. All of our Sportslates classes are led by our Pilates trained sports therapists who have vast experience in treating sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation, to ensure you receive professional, high quality teaching.

Sports people who would benefit from our classes include:

Sportslates works by combining general Pilates exercises with sports specific movement. For example, if you’re a runner, our Sportslates instructors would incorporate postural control and deep core muscle activation with reciprocal leg movements and arm swings. The exercises are all matwork based, focusing on combining deep stability muscle training with larger mobility muscle training.

Benefits of our Sportslates classes include:

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For more information regarding Pilates and specific sports please see the following pages:

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