Prolates is our advanced group of committed Pilates attendees who have mastered the beginners to intermediate level exercises. This class is suitable for those who have been attending our Growlates classes and are ready to move onto the next level, taking those level 1 and 2 exercises to level 3, 4 and beyond. Alternatively, if you have been practicing Pilates elsewhere and feel you are ready for the Prolates challenge, this class would be suitable for you. It is at Prolates that you will increase the use of small pieces of equipment such as weights, magic circles, foam rollers and more. It challenges your balance, flexibility and strength by making the exercise more dynamic and specific to your needs.

When you come to the class expect to work hard, but feel great after. You won’t see your results after one session, but you will definitely see improvement in your sport, balance, flexibility and strength following a couple blocks. If you haven’t done Pilates before but feel you are at a high level physically, a few of the Growlates classes would be recommended prior to the Prolates to check you have mastered the basics. Our highly experienced instructors will be on hand to check your technique.

The benefits of Prolates classes are:

  • Improved mental focus and concentration
  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Increased strength and endurance of stabilising muscles to aid with sport, posture, and overall fitness/wellbeing
  • Improved muscle flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Reduced risk of injury to help you stay fit and active for longer
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved technical efficiency of your body
  • Relived stress and tension

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Growlates Classes

Ideal for those who are new to the concept of Pilates and those who are keen to maintain a concept postural alignment and activate their deep core muscles.

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Resitant band training during class

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Pre and post-natal Pilates classes are perfect for preparing your body for birth and ensuring you recover from birth as quickly as possible

One-to-one session with press up style excersises
Physiotherapist assisting client with a press up