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Five reasons why Pilates is beneficial for people of all ages

Pilates is a form of exercise that can be performed by many people throughout all stages of life. The benefits gained through practising Pilates can improve your general health as well as improve functional strength. Practising Pilates can help to increase daily function and sporting performance, as well as improve spinal mobility and reduce common […]

Pilates for Swimmers

Pilates for Swimmers Correct and controlled alignment of a swimmers body is crucial in ensuring they are working with the water and not against it. Swimming is a sport that incorporates repetitive movements under load, which can often lead to areas of muscular imbalance or even pain. Even the smallest areas of muscular weakness, imbalance […]

Pilates for Skiers

As a beginner skier, you are up to 5 times more likely to injure yourself on the slopes. Although women and children have a slightly higher chance of injury, it is actually young men in their 20’s and 30’s who have the highest prevalence of injury in skiing. You may wonder how practising Pilates can […]

Pilates at Home!

Pilates at home Find it hard to juggle your working hours with Pilates classes? Tired of traveling to and from the gym? Pilates in the comfort of your own home couldn’t sound better right?…. Especially on a cold and rainy day. Performing Pilates at home is easy and simple, all you need is yourself! Personally, […]

Neutral Setting and Core Activation

Before beginning Pilates, there are a few key points we must review and master in order to reap all the benefits Pilates has to offer. In this blog we will review the 5 key aspects of body position and core activation that are fundamental to Pilates when performed as a form of exercise. It is […]

Top 5 Exercises for Relaxation

Although Pilates is not an easy form of exercise it can be used as a great method for relaxation! The slow and controlled movements of Pilates in combination with breathing techniques can significantly reduce your stress levels and in turn make you feel more relaxed. It is hugely important to look after our mental health […]

Pilates for Incontinence

Are you getting up to the toilet constantly and always in fear of leakage? Incontinence or the lack of control of urine outflow can be a very stressful and anxiety provoking matter. No one wants to live a life where they are in constant fear of leaking. Did you know that something can be done […]

Pilates for Those With Neurological Conditions

Do you suffer from a neurological impairment? Does exercise/physio or just getting out makes you feel better?  Have you considered taking part in formal exercise? Despite what people think Pilates is not just beneficial for those who want to strengthen themselves but has many other benefits including relaxation, postural development, balance, proprioception and mind/body awareness. […]

Pilates for Expectant Mothers

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps strengthen your tummy, pelvic floor, and back muscles. Pilates encourages an overall improvement in strength, coordination, and flexibility which helps to reduce pain and instability and improve posture.  Pilates also helps to control your breathing to help encourage full relaxation-something us pregnant women always need work on. […]

Pilates for Those With Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer with chronic pain?  Have you been suffering for years and feel like you’re not able to exercise/perform your activities of daily living like you used to?  Chronic pain can be a very debilitating, demoralizing and stressful.  Research has shown that moderate exercise actually HELPS people that suffer with chronic pain.  It has […]

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